In 1907, thirty "Christians only" met to establish the Church of Christ in Marshfield & North Bend, Oregon. The Church of Christ in Coos Bay was in the forming stage in Spring 1907 when C.A. Schlbrede moved to North Bend. The first meeting was at the Presbyterian church in North Bend, OR there was 30 people who showed up. It was decided that they would alternate meeting in North Bend and Marshfield (Later called Coos Bay) Sunday Afternoon’s. In North Bend, they met at the United Brethren Church Building, but they had trouble securing a building to meet in in Marshfield. On June 30th 1907 the first regular meeting was held in a rented hall in the back of the Lutheran Church Building on Commercial Avenue in Marshfield, Oregon. Soon after that, Schlbrede organized a bible school. In September 1907 the church was displaced when a group called the “Tongues of Fire” paid a higher rent for the space. In November the “Tounges of Fire” ran out of money to pay rent, So the church signed a new 1 year rent agreement with the Lutheran church. On November 7, 1909 the church papers were filed with the state. The corporation was named “The Church of Christ in Marshfield”. For the next 37 years, there were 15 different preachers whose ministry lasted from 5 months to about 3 years. On June 18, 1944 Melvin Traxler moved with his family to Coos Bay to begin a ministry that lasted 30 years.

In 1953 the congregation moved out of their old church building on the northwest corner of 6th and Anderson Streets (165 S. 6th.), next to the Myrtle Arms Apartments, into the newly constructed building here at 775 W. Donnelly Avenue. Services in the new building began with a two week evangelistic meeting with Archie Word preaching. Incidentally, Archie Word's first evangelistic meeting was in the old building here in Coos Bay in 1931, and he held more meetings in this congregation than in any other place.

In 1967, 60 acres were purchased up the Coos River, that became a campground for the church. Many camps and meetings were held there, and in 1975, our annual Family Camp began. It is held the first full week of August.

In 1974, Melvin Traxler retired from his ministry here, and Marple Fannin moved from Indiana to begin a 15 year ministry with the church. Alan Walker 1978,1979), Ed Henry (1981-1987), and Bob Lentz (1988,1989) each served as associate ministers with Marple.

In October, 1989 Ed and Sharon Werner, with their youngest daughter Barbara, moved to Coos Bay to minister to this congregation.
Tom Brainard, Ken Knowlton, and Gordon Ross; were ordained as elders.
Roy Brainard and Gordon Lockhart were ordained as deacons.

In February 2005 the church made a leap in adding Contemporary Christian Music to their line up of songs, ushering in a new generation of people who were raised in this church.

In November 2006 the church had raised enough funds to purchase an Infocus DLP projector to help the person speaking present materials, along with aiding the msong leaders.

In August of 2007 the church here celebrated our 100 anniversary with past members reflecting.
In February 2009 the church went into an agreement with Epuerto to host our new website.

The Coos Bay church has been involved through the years in the spreading of the Gospel far beyond this community to the other parts of the world. They helped establish a Church of Christ in Reedsport in 1947, and one in Bandon in 1949.
In the next view years, we plan to create a website that will be able to assist people around the world with teaching material.

About 20 men have gone out from this congregation as preachers of the Gospel of Christ. Among them were Ed Henry, Hal Watkins, Ralph Johnson, Richard Tucker, Bruce Oberst, Bob Bowers, David Traxler, Clarence Oxenrider, Eugene Boulton, Marshall Collver, Oren Knowlton, Don Knowlton, Henry Knowlton, Lewis Commons, Wendell Herbison, and Mel Huckins. The church is the sponsoring church for Jamaican Evangelism (Which help pay for prechers salaries in jamaica),
and Key Communications (which broadcasts into the Muslim world)

Many souls have been touched by this congregation. We pray that you will be touched too as you visit our website.

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